The Website forumegi.gr stands for Forum for Economic Growth and Investments, a non profitable and nongovernmental initiative to communicate with stakeholders who try to support business opportunities and investments in Greece. 

The forumegi.gr website is provided solely to assist investors, investment etc managers, analysts, businessmen etc in gathering information, reports, analysis, trends etc on investment opportunities in different Markets, sectors in Greece, challenges and risks etc.


The Mission of the Website is to support all the necessary information to the business community and investors about the new favorable environment for business opportunities in Greece and to support reform measures and policies that will allow the Greek economy to return to a sustainable growth path based on sound public finances, enhanced competitiveness, high employment and financial stability.

The FORUMEGI Investment Analysis objective is to help entrepreneurs,  etc to understand the investments field for sound investment strategies, portfolio formation and management issues.

Macroeconomic analysis, risk appraisals, latest market data and forecasts are used to this end, describing investment trends, business climate etc.


The major Strategic Goals of the forumegi.gr are: 

  • To present the comparative advantages of Greece between the countries of Southeastern Europe, as a full member of the Economic and Monetary Union implementing continuous reforms undertaken with the support of the Institutions (Commission, ECB, EFSF, IMF) offering to the investors economic stability and growth.
  • To provide an overview of recent developments in the Greek economy and to highlight new trends, statistics, economic data and indicators etc evolving in key sectors and to support the necessary policies and initiatives that should be undertaken, in order to protect economic growth, business climate and investments.
  • To provide an overview of major trends  and recent developments in the European Economy, Euro zone Area or Global Economy and the resulting implications they have on the Greek Economy and Investors.
  • To underline the potential international and other Risks that may impact the Greek Economy and Investors with different characteristics.
  • To promote greater awareness through investment forums that empower and enlighten Sustainable Growth and Investment Opportunities.
  • To support the initiatives of regional and local authorities and other stakeholders to improve their policies, methods and capacities in order to increase the overall level of Greek regions’ competitiveness. 

TERMS OF USE : Copying, transmission, reproduction, replication, posting or redistribution of the website content or any portion thereof is strictly prohibited without mentioning the source (forumegi.gr) and the date of the related information.